Brazil - For Two Weeks

“They say” that anticipation is an important of any experience. So—I’m anticipating! We’ve been getting weekly news letters, have been to two meetings and are getting ready for a packing party on Saturday.

We’ve met 12 other team members and learned their special interests. Have made a Daily Prayer Calendar, with suggestions for who/what to pray for. Have learned about our project, schedules, what clothes to take, what the weather is like, how we get there (we change planes at least two times), a very small bit about the language (Portugese, not Spanish as I thought).

Have studied the map, learned that their sky has the Southern Cross and not the Big Dipper. Time to wonder if the water goes down the drain counter-clockwise. It’s springtime, will the Atlantic be warm or cold? Will we see the Equator from the plane? (No, Silly, even I know better than that!)

My doctor has checked to see if my ‘shots’ are up-to-date, I’ve had one for Hepatitis, and was told to have one for Yellow Fever of all things! We know to guard against mosquito bites, to watch what we eat so we don’t have upset stomachs. We know to stay inside the compound most of the time.

Now I need to have a suitcase-on-wheels because 50 pounds is hard to carry, to be CERTAIN to carry a change of clothes on-plane because it would be just my luck to lose my checked baggage. (Which would mean to wear one set of clothes for two weeks.)

So I’m anticipating. We’ve tried to ask and answer the Big Questions—but that leaves only the million Little Ones.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait!!

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